Art work – Prisamacolor pencils

I was interested in trying high quality colored pencils after re-invigorating my drawing spark on deployment. I purchased a beginner set of Prismacolor brand pencils with a coupon from Michael’s and started playing around with photorealism art that I have seen gaining popularity on social media. I never tried it before so I started small and used some of my own photography that I did while on safari in Tanzania. I also started drawing as a new way to cope with coming back to my civilian job as a 911 dispatcher and the stresses that come from it, most of these pictures were drawn between 911 calls and radio traffic.


This is a young hyena eye (2016), I never noticed that our truck was reflected in her eye until I drew this. I had not discovered a blending pencil yet and still had a lot to learn. I showed my then 6 year old son, he asked “where is the rest of it??” I cant impress him.


Titus the lion from Project Survival Cat Haven in Dunlap Ca (2016), this was my first time playing around with a blender pencil, I was using cheap Crayola paper that I took from my 6 year old, a friend of mine picked at me and convinced me to get the right kind of paper.


My friend Joe (2016) , I got my hands on some high quality art paper 11×14 in a tan coloring, the front cover had a black and white portrait of a man that reminded me of a picture my sister took of our friend Joe and I was inspired to draw him. I didn’t tell him I was doing it because I didn’t want to mess it up and kill any expectation of my art that he might have built up. when I finished I was pleasantly surprised on how well it turned out and was smart enough to take pictures of it while I was drawing it.

The original photo above and the progression.


I started playing around with mirror coloring and lighting , I stop drawing this picture because I got the proportions all wrong and got annoyed.


I started this picture as a favor for a friend when she saw some of my other drawings, I enjoyed the challenges of the lighting and colors.



a close up of her eye, I loved the layers of color.





the 1st 2 dogs of a 3 dog picture for a friend of mine, this one is on a larger pad of paper. I still have not finished this one.



I also started playing around with digital drawing on my Surface Pro 4 – Photo Shop, I have no clue what I’m doing and I mess up constantly!




this one needs more work.


some other drawings I have done for friends.





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