First impression

My first introduction to Camp Lemonier Djibouti Africa was an assault of hot sticky air as I got off the plane. It’s a different kind of heat that I’ve never experience before. The shade is just as hot as standing out in the full sun. The humidity is a different kind of humidity than that of the Midwest and east coast US, it’s hard to explain.


The camp is small, everything is easily walkable, although at times the heat does detour me from wanting to walk some distances, hopefully that will change in time and season. The nights do cool a little, maybe 5 degrees or so.


My living conditions are interesting and small, but very well air conditioned. I do have a room mate, so far we get along great! We will be together as room mates the majority of the time. Of course the bathroom and showers are about 200 ft away, and laundry is about 800 ft away.




Some of the rooms are very well decorated outside and add some life to the landscape.




The little bit of wildlife on base are quite small, the crows are half the size of US crows and have a brown and gray neck. The pigeons are spotted, and the gecko that I did see quickly was a decent sized. Apparently there are mongoose and snakes on base also, I haven’t seen any yet.



3 thoughts on “First impression

  1. Is your room well-insulated? What could you use that we could mail to you? (And your address is …?) Anything you want for trading with other people? How far do you have to walk to your job and the cafeteria? Is there a BX and how well-stocked is it? Xxoo!

  2. Very interesting to know what all you’re doing. I thought you were in the reserves but I wasn’t sure. Please be safe and come home safe as well. Thanks for your service. It’s a pleasure knowing you are protecting our great country, Keep up the good work. God Bless.

  3. I decided to do some egosurfing, so now I’m following up to say “thanks” and stir discussion on the blogs that are linking to the article.The bit you skylined is probably the black hole into which most of my styling time goes.A big part of the problem here IMO is that the best graphic designers training focusses on print and, to a lesser degree, video media – all platforms on which you have a degree of control Webheads can only dream of.In a perfect world, the demand would be for clean consistent design – when all other factors are equal. Come on

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