Wow, it’s amazing how simple a change in hair color can make such a huge impact!

Yesterday I dyed my hair brown (closer to my roots color) and cut off 10 inches of length. Yes I’m donating my hair, this will be the 4th time I’ve donate my hair!

Now for the reasons why I cut and dyed my hair. The color is for safety, the region that I’m deploying to in Africa (Djibouti) my blond hair would stick out like a sore thumb. I also just want to do my job and get back home to my family ASAP and my hair in the past has been a distractor.

As for cutting my hair; it was getting heavy and starting to give me headaches these last 2 weeks on base. The shorter length will be easier to maintain for the next year.

When I came home the boys had mixed feelings. Colin looked at me for 2 seconds then said “wow mommy! You look different!”.
Braiden keep starring at me with a very serious face until I sat down and talked to him then he lit up! “Mommy!”







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