Last summer I noticed what I thought was a weird tan/sunburn on Colin’s (4 1/2 years old now) right foot about the shape of a thong-flipflop.



It disappeared during the winter and I didn’t think anything of it. Then as the weather starts to get warmer here in central California and we start using the pool Colin gets some color on his skin no mater how much sunblock I put on him and there it is again, and I looks bigger!

June 25th was national Vitiligo awareness day, I have a friend in the Navy that has it and it made me think of him. I watched a video about a CNN news anchor that still hides it from the camera. It still didn’t click in that it could be the same thing.

Then last week Colin’s foot caught my attention again and I remembered that the boys have a appointment with the pediatrician for a yearly check up. I added it to my notes to ask the doctor.

So today after a simple backlight check and some pressing on the skin and a bunch of questions we have been referred to a pediatric dermatologist to absolutely confirm it, Colin has a form of Vitiligo.

Of course when i got home I did some more research and asked the family on both sides if they knew of anyone that has/had this, so far nothing.

I learned that 1% of the population is effected by Vitiligo, there is no true cure or absolute reason for it, some say it’s an Autoimmune disease, others say it’s genetic, or environment.

Colin’s skin is so fair that if it wasn’t for the little bit of a tan that he does get I might not have ever seen it. I wonder how many other very fair complected kids and adults have this and don’t even know?

So it will be a wait and see if this will spread, or become visible in other parts of his body, or stay were it is and do nothing. Only time will tell and Colin could not be happier about all of the attention he is getting!

Here is what it looks like under blacklight






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